Who we are

RVF Academy is finally here!

RVF Academy is a foundation founded by one of UK’S top videographers RomaelVisuals who has worked with top tier artists such as; K-trap, Loski, Backroad gee, Blade brown, TeeZandos, 67, Rimzee and many more. The foundation focuses on the younger generation from less fortunate backgrounds whom are deprived of opportunities and are blinded by their environment. The Academy produces various practical workshops which gives these youths an opportunity to learn and develop new skills which will help them in life as well as help them unlock their full potential.

our workshop

‘Our academy offers a wide range of workshops within the creative industries such as; filming courses, editing courses, production courses, lighting courses and many more… Each workshop provides you with the technical and practical skills required for a career in a rapidly changing media landscape, which enables our trainees to pursue roles in industries such as producing, videography, lighting, treatment writing, editing and anything creative. Our workshops are 4 hours sessions which takes place at a film studio in London and they are taught by industry professionals with quality skills and years of experience. We ensure every workshop is taught by a professional to encourage more participants to get involved in the programme and to help inspire them, so they know it is possible to secure their dream job.’


Not every workshop is the same and a lot of workshops will include practical elements. That’s why RVF Academy has a diverse range of equipment to suit all type of programmes and to accommodate for all practical aspects. The equipment list includes camcorders, DSLR cameras, falcon lights, astera lights, anamorphic lenses and professional cinema cameras. The editing software we will be teaching is premier pro which is the industry standard for professional filmmakers and it is also easy to use for first time filmmakers.’


Our founder Romaelvisuals began filming music videos for his friends at the age of 17. With no experience or prior knowledge about videos, he took it upon himself to find work experience and contacts within the industry to try and get his foot in the door. Romael sent over 30 emails to various film directors and videographers across the UK asking for free work experience…only 1 replied.

The director who replied goes by the name of ‘A FILM BY SUAVE’ he offered Romael an opportunity to shadow him at a shoot and then ended up mentoring him over the next 3 years, helping him craft his skill with videos and build his brand. Romael has since shot over 200 music videos accumulating over 50 million youtube views combined and now has a cliental of over 60 artists. Romael then founded the RVF Academy with aims to impact the next generation and provide opportunities for young people to have the chance to build a successful career within the industry.